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CallTrackIT is a multi-user helpdesk package that enables you to fully manage, and track, all your helpdesk calls. It’s simple to operate and understand, yet fully capable with open call monitoring, customizable call searching and reporting, statistical information and built-in administrator functions to control your helpdesk privileges. This application, written in Visual Basic 6.0, is fully operational without the need of additional applications such as Microsoft Access or a Microsoft SQL Server, reducing the total cost of ownership.

CallTrackIT has been developed in a live helpdesk environment with input from helpdesk operators to create one of the most cost effective, yet most functional, helpdesk packages you’ll find. The trial version of CallTrackIT is not time limited but has restricted functionality; a sample database is included to demonstrate system operation. An Enterprise version is in current development and will support Microsoft SQL integration.

HelpDesk Gold:

Manage and support your computer department needs. MS Access based Helpdesk 2000 handles user support calls, company inventory, contacts, orders, user training, and library loans. Send email, create Outlook tasks and appointments. Print timely management report information on any function of the system.

Quint Panacea Lite:

The mission-critical software application mid-sized companies turn to for supporting and managing their most important asset – their customers. More companies than ever before now count on PANACEA to make possible the real-time flow of information between themselves and their customers. With PANACEA, you can easily gather, organize, track and share customer information and efficiently manage your entire workload – from handling calls to requesting customer shipments – while at your workstation or in the field.


Radix comes next in service management software. Radix is packed with nearly all the same great features users loved in Horizon 2000. These included integrated email, powerful scheduling, flexible time entry, and an easy to use help desk module. In addition Radix is powered by the MySQL database engine. This incredible open-source data server gives Radix all the power it needs to handle your critical service data.

WN Help Desk Enterprise:

WN Help Desk Enterprise is a help desk solution that runs under Microsoft Access with a backend database in either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL. This application provides a full-featured help desk for companies of any size. Designed to be accessed by multiple help desk technicians at the same time, this fully-relational application has been developed over the course of four years with the features that current users have requested. If you have been unsatisfied with high-priced commercial help desk software, this could be the solution for your company. Join the hundreds of companies running WN Help Desk, a help desk solution for the rest of us.

Radical Business Suite:

Working with Microsoft SQL Server, RADICAL provides the organization with Business Intelligence functionality that has the ability to adopt and be moulded to the organization’s unique business processes. From a simple Help Desk through to sophisticated Workflow Systems, RADICAL can be tailored by the user to adhere to their key processes like:

  • Improve your service levels
  • Manage entire Customer Relationship through one interface
  • Ensure your Service Level Agreements are met
  • Strict control over company expenditure
  • Increased profitability and accountability
  • Monitor departments, budgets and related expenditure
  • Control leaves applications and authorization processes.

Close Support:

Multi-user help desk application with all the functions you need for logging and tracking calls and managing your IT inventory

Computer Admin Pro:

Computer Admin Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use database for asset management and help desk tracking. Asset Management: Consolidate your computer hardware and software information, computer name, OS, peripherals, serial and asset id numbers. Computer Admin gives you the ability to search by virtually any criteria and includes a variety of helpful reports.

Help Desk:

The trouble call section can help organize your help desk by tracking computers out for repairs, technicians assigned to calls, how long calls remain open and more. By logging a history of problems and resolutions you can build your own reference library for future troubleshooting.


Maintain a catalog of all software licenses and where each license is installed. Flexibility Computer Admin can import data from any tab or comma delimited file as well as SYLK, DIF and WKS spreadsheets and FileMaker Pro databases. This gives you the ability to easily consolidate multiple files and eliminate duplication of work across departments. You can also export from Computer Admin to the same formats for sharing information throughout your organization.


Print a report of all company hardware and software assets. Create a snapshot report of an individual computer including all installed software and registration codes.

The advantages of using VoIP services is that one can make free long distance calls and other features are provided along with it like call waiting, caller id, voice mail, three-way calling and it costs half that of traditional phone services. The disadvantages of using VoIP services is that sounds echo when one talks over the phone and it cannot be relied in emergencies. VoIP is still in early stages of development and more research needs to be done to make it really successful. There are two VoIP provider options available: paid providers and free service provider. The choice between the two would depend upon how one plans to use VoIP.


Whether you are a computer consultant, an IT manager, a system administrator or just someone who inherited the daunting task of recording and organizing the equipment in your organization, this application is for you.