Inbound Call Center

Inbound call center dispatch services and technical support. Client databases can be maintained and accessed locally or across the web.

Benefits of Inbound Call Centre Outsourcing

Let’s describe the benefits of inbound call centre. The inbound call centre is very helpful in many contexts. The some of the benefits of inbound call centre is mentioned below.

  • Increases market share.
  • Reduces costs per sale.
  • Maximize phone productivity.
  • Increases number of appointments.
  • Increases customer base
  • Increased lead generation
  • Higher number of qualified leads
  • Higher number of closed sales
  • Better customer retention
  • More immediate feedback
  • Better results through test marketing

Telephone Applications

These jobs are based on mortgage/finance applications. Inbound call centre handles any kind of application call.

These calls are usually handled by bureau team, who take a variety of call types on behalf of many different clients. This enables effective management of peaks and troughs in volumes at a cost effective rate. But, what actually done by the bureau team and what type of call it handles? It handles type of complaints, operator services, gives the details of stores, and tells about the sales department and many more things.

Customer Services and Complaints Handling:

Customer service projects range from the very simple, such as account balance queries, to more complexes, emotionally charged situations. It provides many services to its customer for instance balance enquiry, insurance advice, medical guidance, etc. call centre companies provide excellent training for such kind of job. The training lasts for several weeks.

Then the other services are complaint handling, and this another core skill that a call centre executive must have. He/she must be able to handle the complaint effectively and accurately. The two things are very important in complaint handling, managing difficult callers and call control.

This means our advisors are so adept at handling customer complaints to promise that clients often hand over them with the authority to offer stepped compensation, empowering them to manage complaints even more effectively. This is one of the important phases of call control. Call centre executive has to manage the calls so effectively so that it meets all the queries of customer.

Operator Services:

Operator services include the following services and requests: Whenever you make a call, your call is handled by the operator. They provide you with enough information and details about your query. The services are described below. Simple number requests Call connect Card issues Top up transactions Basic information service

Store Locater:

With store locator services you can easily track the location, phone number of the store. The advisors and trainers work with you to understand your brand, your customers and your culture. Typically store locater services include more than a simple location and information service. The adviser will be able to give you the following details: Give directions Provide addresses Give telephone numbers Provide store information by postcode lookup or as the crow flies


Sales services are classified into two categories. One is bureau and other is dedicated. Bureau Sales maintains/sell the following things.

  • Simple, low value products
  • Sold via mediums such as DRTV and off the page
  • Irregular volumes causing the requirement for the sales team to fluctuate.

Dedicated Units sell the following things.
It provides the information about complex and high value products.
Products where advertising is consistent and sustained over the whole year

Product and service are tested by advisors and they ensure that they provide the detailed information and facts, features and benefits to counter objections and make the sale. The aim is not just to make high volume sales, but total customer satisfaction is also kept in mind. Whatever services you choose, the sales teams are always there to help you out. The main aims of the call centers are to meet the targets.

Internet Support:

Call centers also provides support for clients who do the majority of their business over the internet.

Selection of a VoIP provider depends upon a number of factors such as the costs of the VoIP services, the product features of VoIP, the amount and cost of international calls provided by them, whether they allow to make calls to emergency numbers, whether the VoIP provider allows to retain the existing number or not and one should check whether the VoIPprovider offers money back guarantee or not. A thorough research must be done about the various VoIP providers to get the best deal. It should be kept in mind that an educated customer ends up as a satisfied customer.

These services include:

  • Assisting callers with site navigation
  • Provision of additional product information
  • Taking payment information for customers reluctant to purchase online