Remote Access Software

  • Remote control just doesn’t get any easier than this
  • A technology that is revolutionary and ingenious
  • Access and use your computer and files from hotels, airports, Internet cafes – anywhere with Web access

Remote access software allows telecommuting & after-hours work easier. The employee can be motivated by the implementation of remote access software as it gives the work flexibility. With Remote Access Software you can work from anywhere is it hotels, airports or satellite offices. It will shorten the sales cycle with more business opportunities.

Shorten sales cycles and expand business opportunities by using remote access software. You can easily communicate with your business partner and client based in the different city with Remote Access Software.

Device Lock:

Device Lock is a device, which gives an access control over the devices like floppies, serial and parallel ports, Magneto-Optical disks, CD-ROMs, etc on a local computer. Device Lock gives full access control for Windows System Administrators and helps control removable disk usage. Device lock also acts as a security manager. It protects network and local computers against viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs often injected from removable disks. It can be used by the Network administrators to flush out storage device’s buffers.

Remote Control for PalmOS:

Remote control connects your PDA or Smart Phones directly to your PC or via the Internet from any location to collect important information. With the help of remote control, you can read E-mail, send faxes and control the status of your Web server from anywhere in the world. Remote Control gives you the potential to control your PC directly from your device from any connection: modem, mobile phones or wireless connection. Remote control is available in the form of software which can be easily installed on your device that takes control of your PC, so you can edit a document, see an excel file or reboot your machine. This is especially developed for people who travel a lot and need to collect data and information in real time.

PC Remote Control:

PC Remote Control will remotely control the computer from several origins, including the serial port (RS-232), keyboard, TCP/IP and other devices specifically designed for remote control. PC remote control works in the same manner as TV, VCR, HiFi and similar equipment works. PC remote control can be a great help for the multimedia system. This system is compatible with computers audio MP3 and video DVD program. With PC remote control you can perform various actions related with computers. The actions available are:

  • Key press simulation. You can specify Alt, Ctrl or Shift modifiers.
  • You can control the Mouse action.
  • It executes external applications.
  • Post Message API function access to send Windows type messages.
  • It can perform the computer log off, reboot or shutdown function.
  • Windows management facilities are available.
  • It displays system parameters or free text on the screen.
  • Possible uses of this software.
  • It can use multimedia presentations.
  • Reading huge files or web-browsing comfortably.
  • It provides an easy way to control the multimedia features of the computer, like when playing MP3 audio files or DVD video discs.

Hardware requirements:

List of devices that can run well with PC Remote Control are:

  • In Circuit Universal Infrared Receiver
  • Universal Remote Control Receiver
  • UIR, Irman
  • Custom circuit with SSI chips or a MC68HC11 MCU version
  • IrDA transceivers, external or motherboard versions
  • REAL magic Remote Control (Sigma Designs)
  • X10 Mouse Remote
  • Packard Bell Fast Media
  • AST/Logitech Computer Remote Control
  • Any Windows compatible keyboard
  • Any TCP/IP client or server like WinLIRC

Remote Computer:

With any web browser, you can securely log in to a web site to view recorded reports on AOL 4.0-6.0, MSN, Yahoo, all keystrokes, all web sites, and all window captions displayed, both offline and online from the computers you want to monitor.

RAS Lock Millennium Edition is a client/server tool that enables to set user-level security for the Internet Dial-Up (RAS) connections. RAS Lock can limit incoming and outgoing traffic, limit time online and set allowed/denied time periods for any user on a Windows 95/98/Mellennium edition. It enhances the standard Windows security by allowing you to control the Internet access via modems (standard, ISDN, etc.).

PC Remote:

PC Remote is an instinctive, multi-faceted program that lets you access another computer from a remote location. The PC remote is flexible and inexpensive. Through PC Remote you can access another computer across a network, on the Internet, on the computer serial ports, or through a modem connection. It provides you with multiple ways to access the data. PC Remote is the best way to access remote computers at the very low cost. From the security point of view also PC remote stands high. It helps you to assign others a username, password, and determine whether or not they can transfer files.